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Memories by Toni Bagash (Bambino)

September 30, 2010


Hare Krishna to my friend. I met him in Vrindavan twice in the early eighties. He used to call me “Bambino” (kid in italian). Such great memories of him… brought him a pen and Italian cheese on my other trip to Brindavan, as he asked me to. On …a huge spiritual gathering, the ISKCON ASHRAM […]

Memory by Bhakta Dasa Prabhu

September 27, 2010


My most fond memory of Padmalochan is when he was living at the goshalla in Vrindbaan. Every year I was there during Kartik and would go to Vrindaban parikrama every morning leaving after mangal aratik. I would always go to the Goshalla and sit with Padma and he’d get some fresh milk and make it […]

Memories by Dhruva Maharaja Prabhu

September 15, 2010


I first met Padmalocana prabhu, who recently passed away from Mayapur, in 1978 in Vrndavana, but our closest times together didn’t take place until 1981. At that time I became inspired to learn more about Lord Krsna’s chlidhood pastime places, and went to Vrndavana to do research about those locations. One of the first books […]

Basic Biography of Padmalocan Das, disciple of Srila Prabhupada

June 26, 2010


Padmalocan Das was born in England, met Srila Prabhupada in 1971 (18 years old), when he was 19 he moved to India and was assisting Srila Prabhupada establishing His International ISKCON  movement in India (Kolkata, Mayapur, Vrindavan, Bombay, Hyderabad), he had also constructed ISKCON temple in Vidyanagar (Gujarat). He spent 20 years of his life […]