Memories by Toni Bagash (Bambino)

Posted on September 30, 2010


Hare Krishna to my friend.
I met him in Vrindavan twice in the early eighties. He used to call me “Bambino” (kid in italian). Such great memories of him… brought him a pen and Italian cheese on my other trip to Brindavan, as he asked me to.
On …a huge spiritual gathering, the ISKCON ASHRAM was packed with devotees from all over the world, usually I could go there and share some PRASADA, but i was told that in those days it was not possible. Padmalochan passed by the place I was staying, (Tulsi Nivas), and asked me why wasn’t I celebrating with the devotees, so I told him. We ate the spaghetti I had just cooked, and then he said “come with me”, took me to Ashram and told the devotee in charge “he will celebrate and share Prasada with us and do some service”.
“Yes of course” the devotee replied. Hare Krishna

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