Memory by Bhakta Dasa Prabhu

Posted on September 27, 2010


My most fond memory of Padmalochan is when he was living at the goshalla in Vrindbaan.
Every year I was there during Kartik and would go to Vrindaban parikrama every morning leaving after mangal aratik.
I would always go to the Goshalla and sit with Padma and he’d get some fresh milk and make it hot and put in some chololate powder or Milo or something.
He used to tell me that I came from a higher planet, not from this one.
He always had some small book projects and would usually ask me for some help and if I had the capacity I would sponsor the printing.
Once in 1983 I think I came to Vrindaban with my father who was about 63 at the time. Padma took us to Radha Kunda and took us on a tour of Radha Kunda. My father liked that “little Jewish feela”
Padma would be explaining to my father how this is the most holy place in all the Universe.
And of course at that time there was not even a Bisleri water at Rahda Kunda, what to speak of a Thumbs UP!

Padma was always outspoken about the “gurus” of ISKCON and he kept very much to himself and did not mix with the masses.
He was cursed with a strange and problematic body, but somehow he was able to keep himself close to Srila Prabhupada’s lotus feet and go back to God head. A unique character, as are all of the early devotees.
None of them are ordinary beings.They may look ordinary, but they out of millions and billions were able to see who is Prabhupada and take up His service. It is an extra-ordinary thing, which really no one can properly comprehend.
So, other than at Kartik I did not see him, and then he left Vrindaban and went to Russia, England and finally settled in Mayapur
The last thing I remember is him screaming NITAI NITAI very very early in the morning well before Mangala aratik!
He yeled out Gauranga! and then after few seconds Nityananda!

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