Memory by Ravinol Chambers

Posted on September 17, 2010


I went to the chemist today and bought the medicine (Deflam) for Padmalochana prabhu and took it to the temple this evening to give it to a devotee who is leaving to go to Mayapur on Tuesday and he told me of the news that prabhu passed away.
I was so shocked I did not believe him, I honestly could not believe it. I went to the website and saw it, I was in shock. It really shook me.
Prabhu has always been so kind to me and to Tina also. I remember how he said he remembered me around the time of Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja each year, as one year I had helped him with a little service, not much, but he remembered me for it. That touched me.

I also remember last year at Gaura Purnima time, sitting with him next to Tulsi down beside the Ganges and just taking in the environment. He was quiet, thinking… then he said ‘do you see that boat there, what stops it from going away?’ ‘It is the anchor’ he said, you have to find something spiritual/devotional that you do every day, that nothing can stop you from doing, that becomes part of your existence so much that that habit will continue into your next life’
I remembered this today, such a nice memory. I will miss him dearly, he is a great devotee and a friend.


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