Memory by Kirtiraja Prabhu

Posted on September 17, 2010


I have such fond memories of him when we spent time together every year in
Vrindaban on parikrama. His tours around the many Braja holy places opened my
eyes, Haripuja’s eyes and those of our children, to the most wonderful and
glorious places of pilgrimage and the super-excellent pastimes of the Lord and
His associates. As I told him on the phone, my family and I and thousands of
devotees the world over, are eternally indebted to him for the service he
rendered to all of us. He was always enthusiastic to take us on pilgrimage,
whether it was hundreds of devotees, or just a few of us. He was NEVER
discouraged by any obstacles in our journey to the places of the Lord’s
pastimes and he took us to places that no one else did, even to villages where
we would beg a roti and a glass of buttermilk. His tours were never about him,
they were about Krishna and what mercy Srila Prabhupada has given us.

I haven’t seen Padma in so many years but over those years, I have thought of
him often. I love Padma for the wonderful devotee he is and I always will.

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