Memory by Deenabandhu Prabhu

Posted on September 17, 2010


Braja Bihari, who was known as Arjuna in those days, had just started the VIHE in Vrindavan. Then it was really big they had big names like Tamala Krishna, Giriraja Maharaja, etc. So they decided to take everyone in the classes on Parikrama. Pundarika and felt it was sort of funny that they were taking everyone on Parikrama and they didn’t ask any of us to go with them. One evening, Padma strolled in the office in a bad mood, we could all feel it. He looked at us both and asked, “Why hasn’t the VIHE invited me to take them on Parikrama?” We both shrugged our shoulders and replied, “Well, they didn’t invite us either. I guess you’ll have to ask them.” We carefully phrased it like that so he couldn’t continue to drill us, he would have to go ask them.

Well a couple of days later, Pundarika and I decided to invite ourselves. So when the day came, we showed up at the buses and Arjuna was delighted that we wanted to come. (Still don’t know why he didn’t invite us in the first place!)
Then out of the darkness (it was early morning just before Kartika) Padma walks up to me and declares, “You’re a damn bloody liar and I’ll never talk to you again in this lifetime!” And again disappeared into the darkness.

And it was true after that he never talked to me in Vrindavan. It wasn’t until much later when I was giving seminars in Mayapur that he again talked to me.

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