Memoriy by Ganesa Prabhu

Posted on September 16, 2010


As far as I remember, I met His Grace Sriman Padma Locan prabhu in Mayapura in
the early February 1974. It was the first time that many devotees worldwide had
ever been to India.
That year in Mayapura and India in general was just so austere, it is hard to
describe. What to speak of there being no bottled water to purchase & drink, in
some of the Iskcon temples there was actually no water, period!
Except for recycled Ambassador taxis, there were hardly any cars on the roads
so the country was relatively quiet from that standpoint.

I do remember staying on the top floor of the only building in Mayapura which
is a real skyscraper even now, what to speak of then. But the top stores
outside balcony floor where we had to sleep, was nothing but unpaved, broken
concrete. We had no mosquito nets or repellent and trying to adjust to what was
a new, severe tropical climate was difficult in the extreme.

Padmalocan prabhu struck me as being somewhat eccentric and difficult to
relate to, but that was probably the same experience that all of us were having
with each other as we were meeting devotees from different cultures,
backgrounds and countries for the first time.

I can still remember being awestruck when Padmalocan prabhu published his
small book about Brndabana. In those days, almost no one had written anything
outside of Srila Prabhupada’s books and I felt that what he had done was a
major accomplishment, especially because India had so little to offer in the
way of anything technological regarding, paper, printers, etc. I still have a
copy of that little holy book in my possession and I consider it a rare and
valuable item. I was very happy to hear that Bhakta prabhu had helped publish
some of his books.

Although I visited India on many occasions after that, I didn’t see Padmalocan
prabhu again for perhaps 25 or 30 years. I don’t know what he did during that
time or where he was, but I would very much appreciate it if some god-brothers
or sisters who did know him well, could write something about his life so that
we may remember him.

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